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Release Notes


Version 3.0 - October 2023

1. JuicedSign Batch

Automate the sending of agreements when an event occurs in your application; record added/updated etc. 

2. Approve and Decline Tags

These tags let people give their approval or decline a document without adding their signatures, useful for scenarios where approval is needed but not a signature.

3. Improved Server Performance

JuicedSign servers are now approximately three times faster, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience.

4. Custom Validation Patterns

Users can set rules for data input, ensuring correct information is entered in form fields.

5. Default Values in Form Fields

Automatically fill in form fields with data from Quickbase tables, which can be edited by recipients.

6. Page Number and X,Y Coordinates

Tags can be placed on specific pages and coordinates in a document, making it easy for documents where anchor strings are not present.

7. Optional Tags

Create tags that may or may not appear in the final document based on conditions, simplifying tagging for variable-length documents.

8. Repeating Tags

Set up one tag to automatically generate multiple tags when needed, making document creation easier, especially for subtables.

9. Error Handling

Get email notifications if there are problems with data or Quickbase connections.


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