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Gain visibility and access to all your Add-ons in one place. Including activity and billing info, and authorizing new applications.


Log issues, get answers to questions, request feature enhancements and send us your feedback in our new Support portal.


Create custom work-flows for your Quick Base applications very easily with our new Triggers for Quick Base "citizen developer" friendly user interface.

"Juiced Triggers closes the loop perfectly on a wide range of extensions for Quick Base.  The Citizen Developer can now create audit trails, schedules, bills of material and other business objects that used to require manually creating record after record after record.  The automation will let you build an ERP on Quick Base."

Don Larson, Founder MCF Industries

"Before XL Docs, we would prepare multi-tabbed .xls sheets for a large number of clients every week that required downloading csv's from QB, assembling into workbooks, totaling, formatting, conditional fields, etc. This 10-15 minute exercise - per report - has now been reduced to 10-15 SECONDS!  Thank you Juiced - we can't wait to see what's next!"


Bob Sturgeon, Senior Partner Account Manager Mosaic



View and/or update your Account information, Trigger configurations, Add-on activity, Add-on settings and limits, Users and Support Tickets.  See what applications are using which Add-ons and authorize new apps.  Start a trial for an Add-on you are interested in...and more!




Create support tickets, ask questions and provide add-on feedback from our support portal.




Triggers for Quick Base!  Design and manage your own Automation Triggers with our "citizen developer" friendly Trigger portal  


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  • Access Add-on Documentation

...and more!

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