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Engineering, Construction, Architecture

Engineering firms, construction companies and architectural firms are focused on improving customer service and decreasing operation costs. 

Managing projects, employees and subcontractors can be very challenging. Even more challenging is the enormous number of support documents processed on a daily basis. 

Change Orders - Contracts - Estimates - Proposals - Purchase Orders - RFIs - RFPs - Subcontracts

Provide exceptional customer service while reducing operational expenses.

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Regardless of the size of your town, city, or government organization, there are hundreds of thousands of documents to manage, such as agendas, meeting minutes, policy and procedures, RFPs, planning documents, permits, vendor contracts and so on.

Manual processing is time-consuming and costly, especially for government agencies.

Automate the creation of government forms so they are consistent, compliant and even multilingual, reducing errors and accelerating processes and responsiveness.

Customize forms to your exact needs.  Embed business logic, drop-down fields, signatures and more.

Increase efficiencies and reduce manual labor costs!

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Healthcare providers are looking to deliver high quality patient care while reducing operational costs. Traditionally, their overtasked workforce must contend with mountains of paperwork. The typical office handles tens of thousands of documents and images each year. The flood of documents begins the moment a patient enters, if not sooner.

Patient forms, insurance cards, co-payment receipts, physician notes, diagnosis codes, lab results, secondary billing and ever important HIPAA compliance documents.  From simple forms to crucial internal policies and procedures, documents and healthcare go hand in hand. 


Automating document creation minimizes high-touch tasks to save you time, money and resources, boosts productivity, streamlines workflow and minimizes manual data entry.

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HR - Human Resources

Human resource management deals with some of the most complex paper processes and policies in business today. Employee onboarding, records, payroll, benefits, performance, time, attendance, training, certification, compliance are just some of the processes requiring forms and documents.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and automate the creation of customized document packages.

  • Increase productivity without increasing human errors

  • Automate redundant processes

  • Save time and money

  • Facilitate compliance

  • Improve customer service

  • Fast track document turnaround

  • Maximize performance


Automating HR document creation leaves more time to focus on work that matters most.

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Insurance companies processes enormous amounts of documents every day, including client applications, policies, endorsements, declarations, cancellations and reinstatements, claims and financials.

Eliminate bottlenecks and improve underwriting, customer service, claims processing, AP invoice processing and human resources onboarding.

  • Reduce error and omissions (E&O) exposure

  • Increase policy underwriting and claims processing

  • Decrease processing time and costs

  • Deliver competitive quotes faster than your competitors


Eliminate errors and provide timely, comprehensive document packages.

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Drafting contracts and agreements is time consuming and tedious. Mistakes and errors can hurt your bottom line and expose your company to undo risks.

Whether it’s civil litigation, criminal defense, estate planning, family law, personal injury, real estate law, business law, reduce manual and repetitive processes that eat up your billable time and limit the quality of your legal work.

  • Create case templates for any practice area that pull in specific pertinent information

  • Personalize your client intake forms with custom fields to ensure you’re consulting with your best-fit clients.

  • Generate polished and professional retainer documents

  • Produce accurate, consistent legal documents

  • Define and implement brand standards across all firm documents and improve quality

  • Insert letterhead, tables, signing lines, watermarks, appendices and more

  • Execution - Secure signatures faster

  • Automate the invoice generation processes

Automating forms, documents and assembly increases productivity without sacrificing quality.

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Manufacturers in a wide range of sectors face heightened global competition, so they must enhance operational performance and provide superior customer relations.

Automating workflows build reliability and repeatability into manufacturing processes, while reducing errors, delays, and duplications caused by manual processes impacting:

  • Vendor and client contracts

  • Proposals

  • Quotes

  • Lean manufacturing practices

  • Quality Control

  • Order Fulfillment


Enhanced client responsiveness, improve project management and increase in process efficiencies.

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Real Estate

The typical real estate, title, and property management company handles hundreds of thousands of documents each year.  Commercial and residential real estate companies of all sizes struggle with business documents related to the properties they sell, lease and rent.

Automating the document creation process for applications, signature cards, leases, contracts, loan agreements, affidavits, assignment of liens, purchase agreements, real estate disclosure forms, financials, work orders, move–in and move-out documentation, notices, invoices and correspondence, makes it easier to focus on the closing deals.

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In today’s highly regulated industry, few industries are more burden with documentation.

plays a key role in organizations throughout the energy industry, including those operating in the oil and gas, petrochemical, utilities, and chemical sectors.

Document automations improve processes in areas including:

  • Planning

  • Contract signing

  • Service delivering

  • Invoicing

  • Maintenance

  • Human Resources

  • AP and procurement.

  • Vendor and client contracts

Enhanced client responsiveness, improved project management and increase process efficiencies.

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Whether you are a small community college or a multi--campus university, educational institutions are undergoing rapid changes around the world. Budgetary pressures have forced them to do more with less, while increasing enrollment and retention.

The typical school handles hundreds of thousands of documents each year including human resource forms, student records, transcripts, performance reviews, teacher certifications, contracts, financial, grants and curriculum records and is typically handled through inefficient, manual processes.

  • Maintain branding image and standards across all documents and improve quality

  • Improve student quality through faster more accurate application response and approval

  • Recruit and retain high quality employees by streamlining human resources processes


Document automation is a cost-effective solution that has an immediate return on investment. Saving your organization time and money.

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