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Product Overview
Manage your Projects Visually

Gantt chart for QuickBase is simple, interactive and easy to use. Task record(s) can be added/updated/deleted using our Gantt chart and the changes get saved to Quick Base in real-time…

Highlights of Gantt Chart for Quick Base

  • Customize what you see…

    • Search for projects based upon Project name, Start date, End date and User

    • Filtering criteria can be used in Quick Base to display projects for a specific user, and for a specific start date/end date

    • Available in 3 different views - Week, Month and Year

    • Can be made visible in different “skins”

    • Tooltips for Project and Task can be configured separately - up to 10 fields can be displayed on a tooltip from the Projects and Tasks table

  • Reschedule tasks…

  • Tasks can be added /updated/deleted from the Gantt chart. Task's start date/end date can be changed by sliding, or dragging and dropping the task from within the Gantt chart. Task details get updated in Quick Base immediately...

  • Set Dependencies…

    • Task dependencies can be added by simple drawing a line between two tasks. If you reschedule a task, its dependent tasks automatically reschedule themselves as needed

  • Export your chart…

    • Convert to PDF and/or print

  • Additionally…

    • Task details, i.e. Task name, Start date, End date, Priority, Status, Percent complete, User, Milestone and Notes can be edited from a task editor window

    • Can require a user to login with his/her Quick Base credentials to view/edit details of the project/tasks displaying only projects assigned to the user

    • A Task record can be viewed from Quick Base with a double-click

    • Can be rendered on devices with different screen size - appearance and structure remain the same across devices

User ID: / Password: gantt123

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