Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get specific pricing for the add-on(s) I am interested in?

You can click the link below that will take you to a Quick Base application where you can select the add-on(s) you are interest in and get a quote --> Get A Quote

What are normal usage limits?

Each of our add-ons perform some type of processing that is counted towards your monthly activity or usage rate. These limits vary for each add-on as follows:

  • For add-ons that generate documents each document created counts as 1.
  • For add-ons that process email or text messages each message processed counts as 1
  • For DocuSign each envelope created counts as 1
  • For file based add-ons each file uploaded counts as 1. We don't count the downloads/views or deletes.
  • For Signatures each signature captured counts as 1.
The quote you receive will specifiy the standard limits and the pricing for exceeding those limits for each add-on. Our limits are not "hard" limits so we will never stop you from using the add-ons when limits are reached. We will contact you to let you know that your usage is exceeding the standard limits and your pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

If I pay month-to-month can I pay by check or PO?

Unfortunately no, for month-to-month subscriptions we only accepts major credit cards.

If I setup an add-on on my own using one of the add-on setup wizards will I still have to pay the one-time setup charge?

No. As long as you complete the setup on your own you will not have to pay the setup charge. If you need help after you complete the setup you can access our documentation site here. If you need additional help/support you can contact us and we'll provide support at our current hourly rate. Keep in mind that as part of the add-on charge we spend about an hour with you in a screen sharing session reviewing the add-on, answering questions and showing you how to setup additional tables/apps.


Can I create customized Estimates and Quotes?

Yes, we have multiple add-ons that can be used to create professional looking documents from your Quick Base applications. Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs and PDF Stamper can satisfy your document generation needs. The one you use will depend on the type of output you are looking to create.

Is it possible to send an email, parse the data in the email (including attachments) and add the parsed data to my Quick Base?

Our Email Parser add-on can be configured to pull specific data out of incoming email messages and by doing so, allow you to convert an unstructured email message into Quick Base data. It can also handle file attachments, so if the incoming email has 1 or more file attachments it can insert 1 record per file attachment OR it can add/update a single record placing each file in a separate file attachment field. Click here to Demo Email Parser

Can I sign a record in Quick Base and then embed that signature in a document?

Yes, using Signatures for Quick Base a signing pad will display allowing a signature to be captured and saved in a file attachment field on your record. A document can then be generated using Exact Forms Plus embedding that signature image inside the document.

To test go to:

Signatures for Quick Base DEMO app Then click in the middle of the screen to DEMO or use this link: Demo Record Demo the signing pad by clicking the blue button next to the arrow below… After you sign you can then click the button on the “Embed a Signature in a Document” tab to see the image within the document:

I need to send emails with Files Attached to them. Do you have an add-on for that?

Yes. Courier for Quick Base can send emails with 1 OR more files attached.

  • The files can be attached from file attachment field(s) or from Amazon S3.
  • You can also send generic file attachments like sell sheets, product info sheets etc.
  • Files can be attached from other tables as well. So if you want to email a Quote and the sell sheets for each product selected in the quote are in your Products table, Courier can be configured to attached the Quote file itself as well as each product sell sheet file. Want to see how that works? We use this functionality ourselves in our Quoting application. Click here to create a quote and receive and email with files attached.