Secure Faxing

Easily fax documents directly from Quickbase

We have partnered with InterFAX to offer our subscribers an enterprise-class cloud fax platform. Simply create an InterFAX account then provide us with your account information to connect you application. 

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Key Features of Fax Integration

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Outbound Faxes

Send on a schedule or with a single click of a button within your Quickbase app.

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Inbound Faxes

Capture an inbound fax transmission and place it into a table within your Quickbase app.

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Stay in the Loop

Confirm and keep track of the transmission status of your faxes.

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Highest Security

HIPAA and PCI DSS certified. Transmit medical information via fax without compromising convenience or security.

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Reliability & Speed

Our partner InterFAX confirmed 99.5% up time, and the highest rate of successful delivery in the industry.

The best way for us to identify a solution
to whatever problem you are facing.

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Let us help you get the most benefit from your Quickbase applications.