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Exact Forms Plus

Create professional looking MS Word or PDF documents from your Quickbase application

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Do Hours of Work in a Few Minutes

Managing the enormous number of support documents processed on a daily basis is a massive challenge for construction companies worldwide. By simplifying and automating your document creation, you can spend that valuable time elsewhere.

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Purchase Orders

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Requisition Forms

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Simply Click a Button in Your Quickbase Application and Let Exact Forms Plus Do the Rest

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How to Get Started

Install Exact Forms Plus in Your Quickbase Application in less than 1 minute! (See video tutorial below)

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2. Create Your Document Template(s)

This step lays down the necessary foundation that will allow you to hit the ground running when you start using Exact Forms Plus.

Don't want to make custom templates yourself? That's totally fine!
We've created a batch of templates specifically tailored for your industry, which we can provide absolutely free of charge.

Congratulations! You will receive your templates shortly.

3. Book a Consultation Call

During this free consultation we will help you figure out the best way for you to implement Exact Forms Plus into your Quickbase application, as well as discuss any other challenges you may currently be facing.

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This is a powerful add-on. Payoff: that automated functionality enables one account manager to fire off dozens of consistent and very tailored quotes in a single afternoon...possibly 5x the efficiency we saw when using templates in MSword to do the same job.

James N Keig, 741 solutions, LLC


Our company worked with Juiced Technologies to integrate Exact Forms Plus for our safety incident app. They provided a proof of concept in a short period of time and after their demo I was able to continue to build out the functionality with the new features to our product owners satisfaction. The product is extremely useful and will replace our previously manual process. 

Janet P, CCI Systems, Inc.

Built with Your Productivity in Mind

Begin generating professional looking MS Word and PDF documents from within your Quickbase application

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