Quickbase Courier

Advanced Email Notifications and Reminders

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Key Features of Quickbase Courier
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File Attachments

Your Email Server

Email Anyone

Include attachments in your emails. These files can reside in file attachment fields or in Amazon S3

Use your own email server to send your emails, as opposed to Quickbase's

Send reminders to both Quickbase

AND Non-Quickbase users

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Customized Emails


Log Activity

Customize the message subject and body to include fields from your Quickbase records

Activity is stored inside your application - includes date/time, to/from, subject, and body

Additional Features of Quickbase Courier
  • Include one or more "CC" and "BCC" email addresses for all notifications

  • Send "test" emails to make sure emails are formatted as desired

  • Embed related table(s) of data in your email message body

  • Embed subtable(s) of data in your email message body

Easily Drag and Drop Documents From File Attachment Fields 

Seamlessly insert fields from your Quickbase application onto the message body

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Email Notifications

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Set your email notifications to be sent 3 different ways:

Triggered - Based on a changed record in your application.

On-Demand - Sent with a single click of a button whenever you need


Scheduled - Options include daily, monthly and weekly