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Did You Know? You can setup 8 of our most popular Add-ons on your own using our DIY Setup wizards? The setup wizards will provide you with a trial to the add-on(s) that you setup in your application(s). Setup wizards require a Quick Base User Token assigned to the application being setup. So prior to starting any setup wizard make sure you have you USER token available. When you complete the setup on your own you will not incur a setup charge for that add-on. If you have a Quick Base Builder account you are welcome to use the setup wizards in that account as well. So if you are not ready to setup a "live" application and are just curious about our add-ons, setup a builder account, if you

Law Firm Implements Text Messaging

Saturation of the legal field combined with dramatic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade, have compounded customer acquisition in an already competitive landscape. In addition, between phone calls with clients, clerks and partners, reviewing documents and preparing for strict court dates and deadlines, lawyers have limited time to manage their incoming leads. Choosing legal services is no different than choosing any other product or service. A wise consumer will make inquires to multiple firms before deciding. So, it is advantageous to respond to inquiries quickly to build trust and show prospects your organization is most likely to provide attentive and punctual service! To e

Key Elements of Performance Management

The elements of establishing good performance management are simple but integration into a business’s fundamental operational process is more challenging than it seems. In an ideal world, an organization establishes metrics and targets from high level objectives down to daily activities that are continuously monitored and measured. Metrics propel performance by creating checkpoints, during the process, to continually improve. When a measurable goal is not met, you make changes. When a goal is exceeded, you repeat successful processes. The first step in measuring performance by adopting results approach is to identify the various areas in which an individual is expected to focus, the accounta

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We specialize in developing custom software solutions, helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of the latest, innovative methods for collecting, managing and sharing critical business data with the appropriate members of their business teams.

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