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The Dannon Project

The Dannon Project aids previously incarcerated individuals by helping with skills training, education and job placement. The objective is to achieve economic stability through living wage employment for participants and their families, reduce recidivism and provide support and resources to overcome challenges presented to them. The Innovate Birmingham Regional Workforce Partnership, whose goal is to foster economic growth for the region and offering better opportunities for young adults, offers grants to help provide industry-specific skills for Birmingham citizens to obtain 925 high-paying jobs. The Dannon Project serves as the first point of contact for grant participants, performing inta

4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

In today’s economic landscape, organizations are challenged more than ever to compete and succeed, struggling to grow faster with fewer resources, doing more with less. Employers need to perfect the art of balancing team management and meeting their goals and objectives simultaneously. Employee engagement can have a significant impact on the results. When employees are complacent with their job, they are present, handle their day to day responsibilities and do not seek employment elsewhere. Though satisfaction is generally enough to retain employees and keep turnover down, it’s not enough to ensure a high level of productivity as individual performance will rarely increase and cause a comp

Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know? You can create an Excel file with multiple worksheets from Quick Base? With XL Docs you can create .xlsx and .csv files right from your Quick Base applications! You can gather data from multiple tables to be included in those files as well. Want to spread that data across multiple worksheets in your Excel file? No problem, XL Docs can handle that for you! Use your own custom Excel template and let XL Docs embed data into as many cells, rows and worksheets as you require. Use your Excel expertise to dynamically generate charts, graphs, pivot tables, maps etc. You can also convert a generated Excel file into a PDF. Read on to see some cool examples...Each screenshot below is

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