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The Value of Dashboards

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term that refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information. The purpose of which, is to support better business decision making. But even with the most robust BI infrastructure in place, if it isn’t easy to access, understand or analyze, then it is useless. So, when it comes to business intelligence, data dashboards play an essential role. There are hundreds of variables that can impact your organizations overall performance. Dashboards simplify your most pertinent data into manageable pieces of visual information that enable you to see what you need at a quick glance. They of

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Did You Know? You can include embedded reports in your email messages using Courier for Quick Base? Sending email notifications from Quick Base that include "child" or "subtable" data in the message body is a challenge. Give Courier for Quick Base a try to see how you can achieve that functionality. With Courier for Quick Base you can: Include a string in the message body that is used to identify the following: The table that has the "child" data that you want to display in the message The query parameters to use to "filter" the data that you want The "clist" or column list which is the fields from the "child" table that you want to include in the embedded table. The "slist" or sort list to

Orleans Parish Communication District

Keeping the public safe is the job of New Orleans 9-1-1, who coordinates police, fire, and EMS response. It’s an intense job with a lot of responsibility and a multitude if moving parts to manage. Tyrell Morris is the executive director of the Orleans Parish Communication District, an independent agency that serves as the administrator of the New Orleans 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 systems. Pulling from prior experience at a role in Washington DC, Tyrell implemented the Quick Base platform to automate various aspects of their operations. Utilizing Juiced Technologies Exact Forms Plus!, Tyrell created a process that automatically compiles a federally mandated daily offense log for publication. Originall

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