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The Importance of Polished Document Templates

The business documents your organization uses are reflective of your company image, so it’s imperative they are clean, accurate, polished and enforce your brand consistency. Creating document templates not only helps to ensure those guidelines are met, templates also increase productivity by eliminating redundant data entry efforts, reducing manual efforts and margin for errors. Clear, Concise and Consistent Messaging Documents will differ based on the individual drafting it which not only affects what is conveyed but also how it is conveyed. Critical points and information can be lost, if not presented in the most constructive format. When utilizing templates, a consistent and uniform fo

Retail Chain Contract Management

In the changing world of retail, at a time when brick-and-mortar locations are competing directly with the fast-paced digital marketplace, it is crucial to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction with every aspect of the shopping experience. A refresh or remodel is considered one of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost the bottom line. While it often requires a large investment, the returns could be substantial but it’s imperative the project is planned and executed properly, especially when it is on a grand scale. In their continued efforts to suit the changing needs of their customers and enhance the in store and online experience, one top retailer committed to r

Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know? You can create a series of documents for a single record in Quick Base? Creating a "package" of documents can be advantageous to eliminate many hours of finding and filling documents. Store all these documents as templates, click a button to fill them with data from your Quick Base records and route/email them for signature. Our Package Builder coupled with our document management add-ons can automate this entire process! With our Package Builder you can: Create various documents in succession and define the order they will be compiled Create a single consolidated document (PDF) of many various document types, i.e. Word, Excel, Images, PDFs and store in Quick Base Generate a co

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