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Did You Know? You can import files to add and/or update data in one or more tables in your Quick Base application from a single Excel file using our EZ File Importer add-on. Quick Base already has import functionality so why do you need the EZ File Importer? With our EZ File Importer you can: Define, configure and manage your import configurations (field mappings) in a table in your Quick Base application. Import into one OR more tables from a single Excel file (including from multiple sheets) Import data from one OR more "sheets" in your Excel file Define specific "sections" within your Excel file to import from Automate the import process so that when a file is uploaded into a file attachm


Filing US taxes from abroad can be difficult if not daunting. Combining personable, all American CPAs (most of whom are also MBAs) with a secure, user-friendly interface, Bright!Tax makes it easy for Americans overseas to become and remain compliant with their US tax filing requirements. Bright!Tax, at just around five years old, has realized exponential growth and, as a fully cloud-based entity, early on realized the necessity to create a robust infrastructure and online interface that could handle its workflow and client communications in a manner that was simple, elegant and exacting to its clients' needs. One of the key elements of its online infrastructure is a proprietary, bespoke data

Management System Evaluation Checklist

Efficiency, Accountability and Measurement. These are just some of the benefits a management system can bring to a business, regardless of size. The process of finding the right management system can be daunting, but this task can be tackled easily by following a checklist of key considerations. Learn the alphabet. Businesses love their acronyms: Terms like CMS, TMS, LMS, QMS, SMS can seem like alphabet soup. These are just short cuts for commonly utilized system software developed to manage various functions that a company may be doing on a regular basis. Learn what they are and narrow the search to the genre that best fits your needs. CRM – Customer Relationship Management TMS – Transp

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We specialize in developing custom software solutions, helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of the latest, innovative methods for collecting, managing and sharing critical business data with the appropriate members of their business teams.

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