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Did You Know? You can create documents and store them in a "Repository" table in your Quick Base application using Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs or PDF Stamper! We've included functionality in these 3 popular add-ons that helps you organize your files using a common "repository" table in your application. Why did we add this feature? Some of our clients want to have a common table to store all documents instead of having multiple file attachment fields on the same table. Using a common table helps manage the files related to a particular Client or Project etc. a lot easier. That common table can be related to the master table so that you can include a subtable report on your master table form

The Time to Incorporate Text Messaging in Your Marketing Mix has come

Getting to the point quickly with an effective message is critical when marketing in the age of decreasing attention spans. Today’s targeted marketing is “on the go” as organizations try to reach their audience wherever they are. Speed of response and the ability to reach a large audience quickly is why text messaging (SMS) has grown in popularity and should be an important addition to your communication mix. While text messaging has been around since 1992 (androidheadlines.com/2017), its adoption rate in marketing has been slow. There are several reasons: 1) Heavy Regulations. The proper use of email has already come under scrutiny and spawned legal battles. Text messaging takes it to the

Residential Real Estate

In the real estate industry, time is a valuable commodity. If your spending most of it drafting and processing lease forms, you need to read on to learn how automating the process will not only free up your time but will also eliminate the typical leasing roadblocks and bottlenecks while reducing mistakes due to human error and improving customer experience! One privately held real estate firm, with dozens of representatives, was challenged with responding to the urgency of drafting leases quickly and moving the process along to a signed lease as quickly as possible. However, quality is critical, and mistakes can be costly when rushing through document creation process. To achieve the bal

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