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Five New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

2019 has begun. While many have set personal goals, it is also a good time to make resolutions for your business. Large companies go through extensive annual planning exercises that many small to mid-size companies bypass. Here are 5 considerations that can help get your business get off to a good start this New Year, no matter what size. 1. Define and Measure Set goals for the year and the metrics that will define success. Start with a brainstorming session and the n pare down a large list to a manageable few based upon ROI and ability to achieve. Assign roles to key stakeholders required to make things happen. Identify issues in your business that may prevent achievement. Define the k

Human Resources Document Automation

Automating Documentation What do Human Resources, Employment Agencies, Payroll Companies and Healthcare Organizations have in common? Documentation! Document creation and management responsibilities can overload and drain any type of organization, but for organizations that require excessive amounts of documents, it can be an extreme burden. With limited resources, managing time effectively is crucial so every bit of automation, goes a long way! Our Customer: As part of their on-boarding process, our client needed to have multiple documents created and sent out to each candidate. In a traditional environment, this meant gathering the appropriate forms (which varied based on the state of ea

Create professional looking documents and automatically email them as attachments from Quick Base.

When you subscribe to Exact Forms Plus you can create professional looking Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Invoices, Packing Slips or any other type of document you need to generate from your Quick Base application. Once your document is created, it can be emailed automatically to your clients, business partners or internal team members using Courier for Quick Base. No need to download the file, open your email client, attach the file and find the contacts email address...Courier for Quick Base does all that for you. Sample PO Try it out yourself! When you fill out this form and save the record a professional looking quote will be created using Exact Forms Plus a

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